War College Curricula: The fifty percent that is missing

  • Cornelia Weiss


This article colonel in the Air Force of the United States, Cornelia Weiss lieutenant, as a student of military schools in the country, reflects on the promise that Secretary of State Hilary Clinton made at the time the women of Afghanistan , not to abandon them and always support them and ensure that their rights and opportunities “are not trampled in the process of reconciliation”; questioned about how these schools can improve curricula for its graduates have a clear view of gender differences and prepare to help fulfill that promise to the women of today and tomorrow; and finally formulated as start, a number of recommendations concerning the plan of study with the conviction that ensure the rights and safety of women will lead to a more prosperous and peaceful world.

Biografía del autor/a

Cornelia Weiss
Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force of the United States. Bachelor of Arts in women’s studies at the University of Utah with a master of the National Academy of Chile study policy and strategy (ANEPE) and a Juris Doctor from Vanderbilt University School of Law.